Well everyone in my house is sick…. Except me.

I feel like I am dodging a bullet if I come out of this without getting sick this time! I say that because this will two times in the past two months…. Here the three of my lovies are sick and I’m not.

That being said yesterday was crazy.

C slept in, and I woke up with the kids…. Early. Somewhere around 645

After lunch I went downstairs and wrote out my WOD

I planned on doing ten rounds of

10 burpees
10 sit ups

I started in the basement and of course before I knew it and during my warm up still Sophia was in the building!!!

She came down the stairs and refused to go back up.

I was able to do two rounds plus 3 burpees before she puked mucus all over the floor.

She kept coughing and couldn’t stop…. Poor thing.

So that was the end of that. I planned on going back down to finish but it never happened.

So at around 1130 last night I went into oh shit I feel guilty mode….

Guilty since I’d eaten cookies and ice cream and not worked out enough….

And guilty because I hate what I are in the mirror


Anyways,,,,, I did
3 sets of 20 sit ups and push ups
along with two sets of 8 side planks.

And this weird breaststroke thing on my stomach…

I have to stay motivated and not sick….

Today. Ten rounds 10 and 10 let’s do this….

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Say whaaaat?

Today was another day ! Made soup for my honey and did a WOD

Check out my pic!


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At home progress

Ok so today I set out to do an at home WOD and went online in search of some ideas.

I have zero real equipment so I used two ten pound weights and my body….

I know how to do a lot if exercises so I used my previous knowledge and this little list I found ….

I came up with

2 mins max push-ups
1 min rest
2 min max sit ups
1 min rest
2 min max squats

I did 38,39 and 76

After that I felt like I was just getting warmed up!!

so I added on an 8 min AMRAP


10 OHS
20 push presses each side
30 jumping jacks

I did 3 rounds +10 +20 + 10

I am beat.

See ya tomorrow!!


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A new beginning. Again.

Ok so here I am. Haven’t posted anything In Forever! A quick synopsis of my life in the past 6 mths….. Well moved my family back to the Boston area and gained back 10 lbs.


After how hard I worked I’m stopping it here.

I have to attribute it to a few things. But mostly just becoming to lax with my eating habits.

So I am committed again.

Today I woke up and drank my shake.

In an effort to do more talk less, this morning I just did and am editing this post from its original to add this in…. a little burst of exercise….

I started out by stretching o course but got right into my old warm up of 10 sit ups 10 push ups and 10 crunches.

for my actual reps

I did 50 jumping jacks
25 crunches
10 push ups
25 air squats
20 high knees
25 squats
50 jumping jacks
20 crunches
10 push ups

I was going for a mix of stuff I am familiar with that can be done with just body weight.

I should’ve stretched more because my right quad is tight already. WTF!?!?

Foam roller here I come. Anyways….

I am back bitches!

Continued from previous before I kicked my ass into “not later , get up right now gear, post

Later I am going for a run….. Which I am still going to do…
There is no time like the present….

Here we go!


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On the road again….

Here I am 545 on my way to the box…. It’s getting hotter and more humid!

I’m listening to Howard… Laughing…

Yesterday was a great day. Hit a new PR on my deadlift 125#! Woot!

Well I’m here for today’s class! See ya later!





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16 days to go

Wow, we’ll today has been a great day. I woke up feeling queezy and went to the box anyways.

I did today’s WOD and rowed and extra 500meters

The thing that’s making my day great tho?

Two things.

One… I got on the scale today and after a minor set back….. (Gaining 4 lbs back after my Anniversary weekend)

And I weigh less than I have in 7 years.

Two…. As of today i have lost a total of 53 lbs since I had my son. I feel great. I feel amazing about the way I look in comparison to when i started and how hard I am working at the gym.

The girls told me today they’d be sad to see me go!
It feels good to know I am someone who they will miss.

I will miss my little crew too…. I definitely enjoy their company and I keep going back in the morning don’t I?
So yeah.

Last week I went and worked out at crossfit fort Myers…..

I sure did pick a good day! Lol 5 rounds for time of running 300 m and 20 turkish get ups.

Turkish get ups are an ill full body workout. They literally will make you sweat harder that you EVER have.

I’m getting better at my toes to bar.

I was actually able to get my feet up there pretty high a few times today.

Hanging in a pull up stance is so hard for me. Ugh!!

Anyways, les than 30 days until my move. I’m excited.








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The extra mile

So here I am!! Writing regularly again!

I fell off of the blog for a bit because I got super busy with work and it became a little crazy for a minute! Phew! I love it tho!

Ok so this morning was a rest day. Hahaha rest day what a joke! Lol

We practiced hand stands and snatching for skill work.

I have been getting better at chipping! I did 6 chipping pull ups and felt really good! So good to the point I was complimented! Erin, (I may have spoken briefly about her before) told me I did a good job! And to me coming from her that means a lot.

She is in phenomenal shape and never quits. She pushes herself beyond the limits of the structured class on a daily basis. She has 3 kids and is inspirational.

Speaking of Inspirational she pushes me. To do more work, sweat harder and not give up. As I was finishing up the workout she said to me, you wanna stay and row?

I said sure and boom what was a really easy 500 turned into a 10 minute 1850m row.

I wanted to quit at 500 but she was still going…. So, so was I.

I love that feeling. Someone else wants me to succeed and is willing to speak up and ask of I want to stay and do a little more that expected of me.

At the beginning of my classes at crossfit salvation Erin was really quiet.

Funny thing is now I feel like she and I talk almost more than me and anyone else in the class! I’m a loud mouth and she’s “reserved” so I am certainly glad she opened up to me.

She asked me about my move! Speaking of! Yes my move….. So crazy how fast it’s flying! Ahhhh!!

I have about 20 more opportunities at the gym and 42 days to lose my goal of another 11 lbs.

Anyways! Check it out! Hubby and I are celebrating 4 years married today! Woot woot! I love this guy more than words!






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I feel good…ow!

Ok peeps! Sorry for the absence! Here I am and I have updates! I’m super excited to say we are MOVING!

I have 30 day left to work my ass off and get to my goal.

I can’t believe I have come this far. I am literally moved to tears when I think about how hard I have worked over the past 3 months.

I look at my arms and see them getting more defined every day! I actually see a muscle on my shoulders­čś▒

So I am of course dying for even more.

That’s one thing I have noticed over these three months… The more results I see the more I want to accomplish. I have never been in better shape. Even when I was skinnier. I couldn’t run a mile without dying.

Let’s just say things are different now.

I am Down officially 25lbs from january 21st and only have 5 lbs to go to get to my original goal and now 11 to my readjusted goal.

With the move and trying to wrap up everything for work right now, I m literally crazy busy….. But I have a lot of exciting things going on not just the move!

I actually just put together a video promo for my gym…. It’s unreal…. An it’s my reality.

Anywho! Enjoy some pics






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Getting my sweat on!

So today was a good day. The WOD and strength work felt good. Yesterday I ran a little under a half of a mile in 3:57. I was shocked at myself!

Not a super long distance but not short either!

I feel good.

My skim milk smelled funny today ….after my first sip of it i looked down and it was on the expiration date. Today.
I still took it with me and tried another sip. I am paranoid about food shit do I just opened the cup and tossed it.

I drank about 8 oz of Gatorade and feel good. Lol

Dinner these last few weeks has been amazing! I am making the hockey in the crockpot again today! Delicious! Ooh speaking of I should get on that.

I went down another 2# today.

I am 14lbs away from my original goal of 30# and 19 away from my NEW goal.

Chris looks at me all the time and says how my body has shrunk! How my ass is gone!

He and I both can’t believe it.

He actually grabbed my ass last night and goes how did you do that!? Thousands of squats?! And I said YEAH! And lifting running and jumping!
We both laughed…..

I love that guy.






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Box jump fail!

Box jump fail says it all! Enjoy my pain!

I asked if I was a part of the club today, and I was totally hoping I was….. Funny I was wrong! And I got the whole thing on tape! Hahahaha

All I can do is laugh now. I’m here and I’m still Goin!!!





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